Pest Control to Help you Get rid of Rats and Mice in Montreal and Surrounding Areas

Keep Rodents at Bay

If you’re stuck with an overabundance of rodents, the services of an exterminator can be very effective. Rats and mice can carry diseases and bacteria; don’t let them take over your home! 

Take advantage of personalized pest control solutions at Extermination Chomedey / Mirabel. Our qualified technicians can help you manage any type of infestation problem involving rats and mice in Montreal and in surrounding areas.

Here are a few things you can do to keep rodents away:

  Seal any cracks and doorways leading outside

  Store food in airtight containers

Keep pet food in plastic containers

Clean your yard and try to eliminate any potential nesting spots

  Mow your lawn regularly

  Fix any leaky faucets

  Install mosquito screens

  Inspect cupboards, attics, and basements regularly

Contact Extermination Chomedey / Mirabel for unparallelled pest control services and say goodbye to rodents!

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